Why Buyers Choose me ?

Dated: September 22 2021

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Naveen  Vadlamudi 

                           Real estate Broker, ABR, SRS, SSRS.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I Prequalify you for a purchase in your price range.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Throughgly understand your needs for your Dream Home.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Do an inital search of existings homes for sale that meet your needs.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Create a "Buyer Search Program" customized specifically for your needs. Email are send immediately.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Research all For Sale By Oweners, Expireds and cancelled listings for additonal potential Matches.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Contact the Top 25 Listings Agents locally to discuss potential "Pocket Listings"

Naveen Vadlamudi   Brodacast your needs and wants at our Monthly office meetings to identify any new inventory first. We have a total of 160 Sales People in our Brokerage.

Naveen Vadlamudi   Preview properties regularly to help you save time. I will eliminate any Propertiesthat do not meet your needs.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will contact the Listing Agent to gather further details on qualified properties.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will personally DOOR KNOCK the neighbourhoods you are focusing on to identify any possible sellers not on the market.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will conduct an ongoing pricing analysis to ensure the most economical purchase possible.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will advise you as to the most advantageous offer strategy prior to preparing your offer (Unqique Terms & Conditions).

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will create the purchase agreement and arrange for it to be presented.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will represent you on all offer presentations to ensure negotiation of the best possible price and terms.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will provide you wish a lit of all potential Closing Costs.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will assist you in arranging financing, appraisals and inspections as needed.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will will provide a list of qualified tradespeople to assist you in the buying process when necessary.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will supervise the completion of all paperwork.

Naveen Vadlamudi   I will arrange a final walk-through.

Naveen Vadlamudi   If you have not purchased with two weeks, I will conduct a full Consultation interview with you to re-evalutate our strategy.  I will then recommend any changes necessary to our search criteria.


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Download My FREE Mobile App To Search Listings On The Go:

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Never too late to find your dream home. For available properties, visit http://www.gtarealstar.ca. Call Naveen Vadlamudi @ 416-837-9696 Now.

Author : Naveen Vadlamudi

Location: 3 Centre Street,  Suite #206,
Markham, Ontario, L3P 3P9

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My Name is Naveen Vadlamudi, and I'm a Licensed Professional Real Estate Broker Servicing the Greater Toronto Area! Whether You're Looking to Invest For a Guaranteed Return on Investment, Upgrade Fr....

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