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Competitively priced homes for sale in the Waterloo region

Over the last few years, the Canadian real estate industry has seen significant growth leading to a lot of individuals making wise decisions in investing in property. Albeit, it may be a sound financial decision, but the question you have to ask yourself is if you are prepared to make this major financial decision? If you are unsure, don’t worry! At Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage, you can place your trust in our experienced brokers to help you identify your dream home from a range of houses for sale in Waterloo. For further enquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

houses for sale in Waterloo
Homes for Sale in Waterloo

The right time to invest in Waterloo real estate

Investing in Waterloo real estate at this very moment can provide you with massive returns. It is certainly the right time to take a leap and invest in property. At Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage, we will help you answer the following questions, ensuring the investment you make is a sound one. From what type of property you want to purchase, to having the necessary funds to make this major financial decision, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, the property you invest in can also be a source of passive income.

Various types of houses for sale in Waterloo

Depending on your budget. There is a range of different types of properties that are listed under Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage to suit every property need and budget. From Waterloo apartments to Waterloo condos for sale and much more, we have a wealth of experience in the Waterloo real estate market. We offer complete real estate solutions such as even doing a background check on the sellers, including the property making sure you are getting a fair deal. So, what are you waiting for? Waterloo real estate has never been this exciting before! Seize the opportunity by getting in touch with our brokers today and schedule an appointment with them.

Reasonably priced apartments for sale in Waterloo

If you are struggling in finding the best Waterloo apartments at a competitive budget, we can help! Our team of professionals will locate properties based on your requirements and budget, ensuring you make an ideal investment that you can afford. The real estate market is constantly changing and evolving, and our brokers have the best and latest insights to help you take advantage of an opportunity where no one else does. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the apartments for sale in Waterloo.

Why you should move to Waterloo

Firstly, the property available for sale is extremely affordable. It is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country, including housing some fantastic family-friendly hotspots. Access to and from the city is stress-free, and there are a plethora of renowned and top-quality elementary, secondary, post-secondary schools and universities ensuring your children get the best education possible. The neighbourhood is very family-friendly, making it a smart decision to settle down here with your family. You can also experience all four seasons of weather, and there are also many social gatherings and events to keep you and your family occupied throughout the year. Waterloo is also often referred to as “downtown” by the residents. If you are still unsure about investing in Waterloo real estate, the below-mentioned is reasons why you should:

  • Employment opportunities leading to a rise in Waterloo condos for sale :

The city greatly benefited from the surge in employment opportunities in the 20th Century. Dubbed as the next “Silicon Valley”, due to its booming technology sector. Recognized tech companies such as Google, Shopify, Vidyard, to name a few, have their headquarters in Waterloo. In recent years, the city has become a new suitable home for any student graduating in the technology and engineering field. Here is an interesting statistic for you; the employment rate as of July 2019 in Waterloo is 5.5% making it a fantastic place for graduating students to find their dream job.

  • Picturesque scenery

If you plan on investing in property in Waterloo, you can rest assured; you will be taken aback by the stunning scenery. The major scenic attraction, the Grand River runs through the city, and has a large number of fish, birds, and wildlife. It is also surrounded by a lot of trails and parks for the residents to make use of. The Waterloo Park, right in the middle of uptown, is another venue that hosts a number of events annually, including a fantastic place to walk in if you love nature. The park has a lot of sports fields and even an outdoor theatre for family movie nights. Just like any other Canadian city, the residents here are super-friendly. The community is very diverse, and they make you feel welcome.

Waterloo Real Estate
Waterloo apartments for sale
  • Family-friendly neighbourhoods that have spacious homes for sale

If you are looking for a city that has spacious houses for sale that would be ideal for you and your family, then look no further than Waterloo. Additionally, the city plays host to numerous events annually like the Buskers Festival or the Waterloo Rib Festival, to name a few. The RIM park is open all year round and it is the city’s largest sports complex, which has a total area of 500 acres. There are six sports fields, a beach volleyball court, six baseball courts, out of which three courts have lights, so you can play at night-time as well. During the winter months, you can make use of the Olympic-sized ice-pads, there are two huge indoor NBA-sized basketball courts, including a banquet hall and a few meeting rooms to host events.

  • Affordable houses for sale in Waterloo

One of the major selling points that individuals keep investing in Waterloo real estate is affordable real estate. The average price of a home in Waterloo is about 200,000 less than most well-known cities like Oakville, Brampton, and Toronto. It is a no-brainer that potential buyers are choosing Waterloo to commute to work to avoid the preposterous housing prices in other cities.

  • Buzzing Nightlife

The city of Waterloo has an active nightlife. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, and clubs that keep the guests entertained as well as take them on a gastronomical journey. From unique concept eateries to hip and trendy bars, the city has it all. The city of Kitchener, which is a stone's throw from Waterloo hosts the famous Oktoberfest for ten days starting from Thanksgiving weekend. The city has a rich German history and leans into that with several events and gatherings throughout the year.

  • Fabulous weather all year round

This may not be the case for other cities in the country, but here in Waterloo, the residents are lucky to experience all four seasons. The winters can be a bit gruelling with icy roads and large snowfalls. The summers on the other hand, are fantastic with moderately high temperatures and very less humid days. The best part about the Waterloo weather is that you get the opportunity to experience the seasons change throughout the year, from lush greenery in the spring turning to beautiful red, orange and auburn during the fall. If you are a person who loves nature, this is the place.

Waterloo real estate market
Waterloo Real Estate Investment
  • Well-recognised schools and universities

If you have a family, one of the most important considerations when searching for a place is ensuring there are plenty of good educational institutions around. Luckily, the city of Waterloo has a plethora of top-class elementary, secondary, and post-secondary schools, including universities ensuring your children get the best education possible. Some of the country’s finest universities, such as the Wilfred Laurier University and the University of Waterloo, are famous for their engineering and science programs. Over the past few years, these institutions have churned out business grads and engineers to major tech firms and multi-national corporations. Another established educational institution, Conestoga College offers a variety of programs in the field of culinary arts training and hospitality. It also happens to be one of the country’s fastest-growing polytechnic schools.

  • Ideal location to invest in property

In addition to the city housing the best educational institutions, it also offers affordable homes for sale, and has a booming tech sector. It is one of the most sought after cities in the country because of its locations and the ease of movement it provides to its residents and commuters. Being very close to the 401, drivers are less stressed when travelling from one city to another. Additionally, plus with the city’s latest addition – the ION light rail transit, moving around the city has never been more convenient and easier. If you are looking for Waterloo condos for sale, Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage can help find the perfect property that makes you travel to and from your office with ease.

  • Vibrant sports scene

If you are one that enjoys a sport or two, you will be glad to know that Waterloo has plenty of local sports teams that you can cheer for. The city also has several golf courses, if you are looking to enjoy a game of golf. If you are a fitness enthusiast and want to stay active, there are plenty of gymnasiums, including parks and nature trails, to burn those calories. The Westhill Meadows on the Southwest side of the city is a reasonably priced golf course and a fantastic place for beginners to learn the sport. The Westmount Golf and Country Club is a prestigious venue that has been around since the 1920s, and it also has tennis and curling facilities for its members. The Grand River is known for its trails for biking and hiking. If you golf frequently, there is an indoor facility called Golf without Limits, which is an indoor facility to help you get over the fix during the winter months. Another established sports facility called Max’s Sports World is a giant dome with an indoor range and a miniature golf course. The city also has a number of basketball and volleyball courts, including ice parks, baseball fields, and a YMCA for all your recreational needs.

apartments for sale in waterloo
Waterloo apartments for sale

We also see properties and get the best deal for buyers and sellers

In addition to finding the right property for buyers to invest in, we also sell various types of properties in Waterloo ensuring the sellers get a fair deal. Our expert brokers at Royal Canadian Realty Brokerage have years of experience in the real estate trade, and are updated with the latest property market trends. If you are looking to sell your home, condo, or apartment, please do not hesitate to reach out to us, and we will not only get the best deal on the sale of your property, but also identify the right buyer ensuring the property you are willing to sell falls in the right hands.

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As you can clearly see mentioned above, the city of Waterloo is an ideal place for single working professionals, including individuals who have families. From employment opportunities to a vibrant nightlife and social scene, this city has a lot to offer. And who can forget how affordable homes for sale in the Waterloo region are?! If you are considering moving to Waterloo, or you wish to find out more information on Waterloo real estate, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team. We will be more than happy to address any queries that you may have. Our knowledgeable and professional brokers can provide you with whatever information you need. Give us a call today at 905-364-0727 to schedule an initial consultation or for more details. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home and require expert guidance, you can rely on us for quick and hassle-free service. We are based in Mississauga and offer our comprehensive property services all over the country.

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